Call For Proposals

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ICT for Education: Reaching out, building bridges…

The overall theme of the iEARN 2013 Conference and Youth Summit will focus on the use of technologies in education to reach out, learn and build a better world together. Hence, the conference aims at further developing attendees’ knowledge and skills about the use of ICT for inquiry and collaborative learning as in the iEARN context. Participants are encouraged to promote innovative ways to use ICTs, share their iEARN experience, network with peers across the world, and experience and learn more about the Qatari/Arabic culture.

This conference is open to all educators and students already involved in iEARN as well as those interested in the field of ICT for Education.


The conference will cover topics such as the use of Information and Communication Technologies in the classroom, cultural diversity and environment. Educators and students will be able to attend plenary sessions, deliver or attend a variety of workshops to further develop their knowledge and skills, share experiences, discover innovative ways to use ICTs, and connect with their peers across the world.


We solicit proposals for the two following streams:

Teacher StreamStudent Stream

The teachers’ conference welcomes proposals for sessions around the following areas:

  • ICT for education –latest trends, practices and innovations
  • Mobile technologies in education
  • Social media and Education
  • Useful tools and methodology for online collaboration
  • Project Based Learning
  • iEARN (community/cultural experience, projects, future, Monitoring & Evaluation.. )
  • Teaching and Learning in the 21st century
  • Information Literacy & Plagiarism
  • Tips to promote action learning: i.e. Fundraising in school
  • Content creation workshops: i.e. (making videos, podcast, etc)
  • Service learning (and the like for the youth)
  • Environment

The youth summit welcomes Youth led workshops and youth trainers for the following areas:

  • Advocacy, Leadership, and Global citizenship
  • Service learning
  • ICTs in Education
  • The use of mobile devices in education
  • Bridging cultures (for ex: through sports activities, Arabic calligraphy)
  • International audience to experience /get a feel of Qatari or Arab culture
  • Fundraising ways and techniques to help iEARN centers raise funds
  • Establishing or consolidating iEARN youth chapters
  • youth to sharing experiences
  • Sports and environment in education

While selecting the proposals, we will take into consideration the diversity in the backgrounds of the participants and will try to design a program that addresses the different needs of educators and learners.

Session Types / Format

Session typeDescription and GuidelinesDurationSubmission deadline & comments
WorkshopIn a 45 minute workshop:
- 20 minutes or less: for teacher centered activities (presentation, talk, lecture, watching a video.. or any activity that requires passive participation from attendees). 25 minutes or more: for learner centered activities (discussion, Q&A, hands-on activities, … )
45 minutes per one time-slot. Some workshops require 2 or 3 time slotsEarly submission: first week of February.
Late submission: by end of March.
Plenary sessionFor Keynote speakers to discuss topics of interest45 to 60 minutes 
Panel discussionSpeakers will have a 5 to 10 minute to introduce the Topic before the panel discussion starts. At the end, 15 minutes are given for the audience for Q&A.  
PresentationIn this type of session participants are invited to present about good practices that they have already implemented (such as projects they have successfully implemented, ideas, or methodologies..) and believe that sharing them would be enriching for others10 minutes 
Case studies/ Action research25 to 30 minutes to present the case study/research
15 to 20 minutes: audience discussion and Q&A.
45 minutes 
MeetingFor brainstorming about new ideas, or developing existing projects  
Other (cultural stand, display in poster format, AYV film..)Space and furniture allocated for the stand/project.